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Automated Irrigation Systems & Your Garden

Although it can be difficult to care for our gardens, the rewards are well worth it. It is a wonderful feeling to walk out into a peaceful green oasis knowing that you created it. This feeling is what we are all about. Automated irrigation systems make gardening easy and allow you to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Garden maintenance is hard work.

This is especially true if you have a large garden with many plants that require different care. Water is a major problem for gardeners. We’ve all been there, whether it be the effort of watering your garden manually or the stress of paying the water bill at the end of the month. What if we told you that you can avoid all these problems? Automated irrigation systems may be the answer to your garden doctor’s prayers.

How Automated Irrigation Systems Works?

Before we get to the incredible benefits, let’s take a look at the basics. These systems are controlled by a timer and controller to create an automated watering schedule in your garden. We dive into the details and explain how each component works.

  • The controller: This is the most crucial component. It attaches to the valves, which are located in a box below the ground. This box is where the main water supply flows and then splits into the valves.
  • The valves: These are attached to the controller as well as all the pipes. The controller controls them by sending electrical impulses to the timer and turning them on/off at set times.
  • Sprinkler heads, pipes and sprinkler heads: The sprinklers would then be connected to the underground pipes.

We have all the parts you need to set up an automated irrigation system. You can choose from a variety of sprinkler systems depending on your irrigation requirements. Pop-ups are available for lawns and grass areas. We also offer micro misters for smaller beds. Risers can be used for flower beds and other difficult-to-reach plants.

The Benefits of an Automatic Irrigation System

Before you proceed to request quotes or install a system, it is important that you understand how you can get the most out of it. Check out these amazing benefits of an automated irrigation system.

  1. Say goodbye to manual labour: Gone are those days when you had to drag a hose through your garden, and then struggle with knots and blocks. You don’t have to be home to give your garden the water it needs. You just need to install your system, create a schedule and flip a switch.
  2. The professionals are here to help: You can be sure that your system was installed correctly and that you have the support of a professional. Landscaping in Johannesburg can measure your property to create an irrigation plan that best suits your garden. This consultation includes this.
  3. Automated irrigation systems offer a great way to save time. You won’t find dry spots because your sprinkler didn’t reach a spot. You will also have more precise coverage, which means your garden won’t be either over or under-watered. You will save money over the long term as your monthly water bill will not change.

Contact us today to receive a quote on an automated irrigation system that has been professionally installed.

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