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One of the most effective ways to make your home more inviting is to landscape your Johannesburg front yard. This can increase your home’s value and create a welcoming place for visitors.

There are many factors that can influence the cost of landscaping your South African front yard. We will be discussing the main factors that influence landscaping costs and the impact they have on the cost of your landscaping project.

Landscaping in Johannesburg-instant lawn Johannesburg
Beautiful green and floral landscaping

What should I budget to landscape my front yard in Johannesburg?

Basic garden build

  • R5000 – R15,000

This includes both basic design and installation. Your garden’s final cost will vary depending on the plants you choose and any additional features you add (irrigation or hard-landscaping). On average, you will pay R5000 to R15,000 for a basic garden construction.

Average garden build

  • R50,000 – R80,000

This is an average price for a garden installation and design. There are many factors that affect the cost of a garden design and installation. The size, type and number of plants that you select will all impact the cost. Cost of materials and preparation work (clean-up, tree felling, etc.) will also vary. There will be a wide range of costs for the materials and any preparation work (clean up, tree felling, etc.) Garden builders typically spend R50,000 to R80,000.

Garden design

  • R1500 – R3500

This is the price for a garden design. This includes a conceptual garden design, detailed plant and material lists, and 2D and 3-D drawings. Costs will be determined by the scope and complexity of your project. Garden design costs an average of R2500

Consultation with a Landscaper – Hourly Rate

  • R450-R650/hour

This is the hourly rate charged for landscaping consultations. This includes all notes and sketches taken during the consultation. Consultations usually cover all aspects related to gardening and landscaping, including general advice and the selection of specific plants. Prices will vary depending on where you live, how experienced they are. Consultation fees can range from R450 an hour to R650 an hour. In average, R550 an hour is charged.

How much does it cost to landscape a yard in the average price?

A landscape design consultation or maintenance service can cost you between R450 and R650 per hour. These are just a few of the landscaping services that you can get:

  • Lawn mowing, tree trimming, tree removal, tree planting, lawn sweeping, blowing, flower bed digging and hedge trimming are some of the maintenance costs.
  • Professional landscape designers, landscape contractors, and a landscape architect will charge labor costs.
  • Installation of new landscaping, such as a firepit, artificial turf, natural stones, concrete patios, swimming pools, or outdoor kitchens.
  • Landscape materials like soil, native plants, soil and artificial grass per square metres, as well as landscape gravel per sq metre can increase landscaping costs.
Landscaping in Johannesburg-instant lawn Johannesburg
Beautiful landscaping design with soft scaping and hard scaping

Soft scaping Vs. Hard scaping

Soft scaping includes the planting of trees, grass, flowers, and other plant life. This maintenance and design plants and other plant life is called scaping. This includes trimming trees, removing them, planting flowers and cutting grass, as well as other aspects of plant care.

Hardscape is the part of the landscape that is hard but can be moved, such as landscape gravel, paving and stones. These landscaping materials, which are not inanimate, also have an impact on landscaping prices. These materials include retaining walls and pavers for patios or pathways, outdoor kitchens, water fountains, gazebos, decks and driveways.

These landscaping materials are used by professional landscapers and landscape architects for many of the most popular Johannesburg landscaping projects.

How much does Johannesburg landscaping cost?

You can save money by using native plants! These plants can be added to existing landscaping. You can also create a curb-appeal for your neighbors.

Regular watering can help maintain your lawn and plant life. You can also have an irrigation system installed so that you can relax and enjoy your lush lawn. These systems can be set up using a timer and are very modern.

An outdoor misting system is a great way of keeping your pool and guests cooled. There are many misting systems on the market, but you need to be mindful of your landscaping budget.

Landscape contractors will consider the average national cost of a project, as well as maintenance and installation costs. A landscape contractor should consider the costs of other landscaping companies and come up with a cost-effective estimate for their company.

What can I expect from a landscape architect?

Many landscape designers will meet you to discuss your ideas and goals for your landscape. As a free consultation, some landscape designers will take a photo of your space and create a rough design. An designer/landscape architect will also be able to give you tips about making your landscape more appealing .

professional jhb landscape design
Professional and elegant landscaping

How can I calculate the cost of landscaping in Johannesburg

Cost of landscaping projects in front yards can be affected by many factors. Costs can vary depending on:

  • For your landscaping needs, it is a good idea to hire a professional landscaping company/landscaping architect, professional landscaping designers, or landscape contractors.
  • The landscaping process refers to the amount of work required for yard landscaping projects, and the landscaping services that are provided.
  • Your landscaping project’s design would have an impact on.
  • Your yard’s size for landscaping.
  • Soft or hard scape (adding to landscaping rocks or lawn mowers).
  • Types of plants, water features, and hard scape designs such as landscaping rocks or artificial turf.
  • No matter if you are installing synthetic grass, tree plantation, a retaining wall, an outdoor misting system or a firepit, it doesn’t matter.
  • Outdoor misting systems or retaining walls may be required. These can be very expensive. These add labor costs to landscaping companies in Johannesburg.

What is the cost of a Johannesburg front yard renovation?

For front yard landscaping, it is advisable to budget R15,000 to R50,000. It will vary depending on the type and complexity of the plants and bushes you choose .

Landscape designers will offer suggestions based on your landscape design experience, as well as other landscaping styles.

Final words:

Landscape design can be a unique way of enhancing your home. You’ll get the best experience from the experience.

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