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Are you interested in making your outdoor space eco-friendly? Our low-maintenance garden landscaping ideas are perfect for anyone who wants to make their outdoor space an eco-friendly haven.

A Functional Space to Entertain Can Replace Your Lawn

Unless your backyard is turned into a mini golf course, is it really necessary to have all that green grass? Make sure you don’t make any mistakes about it. Your outdoor space is an important piece of property. There is no better way to landscape it than to remove the lawn and create an area for entertainment with a firepit or a pergola. We love pergolas because they provide climbing plants with a structure. You can grow granadillas (jasmine), grape vines, climbing roses, sweet peas, or both! These low-maintenance eco-friendly climbers will transform your garden into something productive and inspiring.

Outdoor lighting adds drama, security, and illusion of space.

Outdoor lighting ranks high on the wish list for garden landscaping features. This feature is a must-have, as it adds drama to evenings spent outdoors and makes your space seem larger. The most sought-after feature, regardless of whether it’s solar, which makes sense in today’s economic climate, and electrical, is outdoor lighting. They can also be used to illuminate pathways, trees, or walls.

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Maximize Space With Vertical Wall Planting

Vertical wall gardens are a great way to grow your own herbs and vegetables in an economic environment where fresh produce prices have almost doubled overnight. You can attach planter boxes to the wall by finding a wall with 50% sun and half shade. Planter boxes can be filled to the brim of your wall. However, it is best to allow at least half a meter of space between each box’s width and length. We love the fact that watering the top boxes will trickle down to the boxes below. While herbs can be grown throughout the year, not all vegetables will grow. This is why it is important to choose where your vegetables are planted.

There are many eco-friendly ways you can enjoy your backyard and front yard without having to spend money or take up too much space. The world is now in a drought, and it’s time to transform your front and back yard into a sustainable space.

Landscaping Johannesburg is here to help. We not only offer the best water-wise plants and trees but also can build outdoor entertainment spaces that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

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