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You should now have a well-manicured garden with plenty of space for your vegetables. Although that was quite a lot of work, you still have to do some more to ensure you get the best harvest.

Once your plants have been planted, you will need to care for them. There are some things that you will need to remember, as always.


This is the obvious one. It is clear that plants require three things in order to thrive: good soil, sunlight, and water. The soil has been covered, so mother nature will provide the sun, but you will need to water it.

Mornings are the best time to water your garden. It’s cooler outside so it allows more water to reach your plants. However, it can be difficult to water your garden in the morning. You can water in the afternoon, however. It is best to wait until the heat of the day is over, but not before it gets dark. This will decrease water loss through evaporation. However, it is important to dry your plants before bedtime as wet leaves can lead to harmful fungi.


Next, you need to concentrate on weeding. Weeds can still grow, even though we tried to eliminate them and discourage them from growing earlier. Although weeding is a tedious job, it is an essential one.

You should get rid of unwanted plants as soon as you can. They will eat space and nutrients that are essential for the vegetable crops you want to grow. Some gardeners like to weed their gardens weekly while others prefer to pull out a few each time they water. Stick to the rhythm that suits you best.


You’ll also want to watch out for animals that eat or damage your plants. You can let deer and rabbits destroy your garden quickly, which will waste all of your hard work. There are many ways to deter animals, and it is possible to use several. Here are some examples:

  • Raised beds are a good way to keep smaller animals (like rabbits) out of your garden
  • Netting can be used to cover plants
  • Garlic and lavender are repellent to grazing animals.
  • To discourage animals from burrowing, fences should be built around your garden.
  • Spray your plants with animal repellent sprays

These steps will help you keep your garden healthy and growing. You’ll be able to enjoy a great harvest later in the season.

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