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We recently discussed the importance of planning your garden. You can go back to it now if you haven’t seen it. Before you start building your garden, let me talk about a second consideration: raising garden beds.

What are Raised Beds?

Raised garden beds raise your garden from the ground. The height of the bed will depend on how it is built. They are usually about eleven inches high, which is equivalent to two 2×6 boards (actually, the boards are 14cm wide).

The beds are rectangular and rest on the ground. The beds are then filled with soil.

Why should you consider raised beds?

  • Raised gardening beds have many advantages over traditional gardening.
  • Accessibility: Raised beds are much easier to access than the ground. Because they are higher off the ground, it makes it much easier to get to your plants.
  • You can increase your growing time if you live in an area with cold winters. Raised beds will help you to grow faster because the soil inside is warmer than the soil in the ground.
  • Easy to Irrigate: Because you are starting with new soil, irrigation of your raised beds can be done quickly (at least if it is done before adding the dirt).
  • Improved Weed Control: Since you will be adding soil to your existing topsoil it is very easy and efficient to add weed barriers.
  • Higher soil health: Raised beds promote soil health by reducing compaction and improving drainage.
  • Protect Your Plants: Raised beds make it easier to construct fencing to keep hungry animals away. You can even lay chicken wire before filling the raised bed with soil to keep burrowing animals away

Additional considerations for raised bed gardening:

Although raised beds offer many benefits, there are some things you should consider before making the decision.

  1. It’s an investment: Raised beds are an investment. You will need to purchase the beds or the materials to make them, as well as the soil.
  2. Traditional gardening is simpler in this respect. However, the beds will wear down over time and will need to be replaced.
  3. You must be space conscious: The raised bed requires extra planning to ensure certain plants like squash doesn’t take over the space.
  4. Expanding: To add to a traditional garden, you need to till more soil. However, if you want to raise your bed gardening, then you will need to purchase or build additional boxes.

Raised bed gardening has many key advantages over traditional planting, despite these minor issues. Raised beds are a good option for beginners who don’t mind making a small investment in time or materials.

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