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These are 4 simple tips to keep your lawn green and clean this spring:

Before Springtime arrives, it is essential to maintain a healthy lawn. Here are 4 simple tips to keep your lawn green and clean this Spring.

  1. Take the time to clean up after the fall season. A healthy lawn in spring is vital for every household. The lawn can be damaged by leaves and other debris that has been left over the winter. Fall cleanup is an important part of preparing your lawn for the next season. 
  2. Make sure you do a thorough cleanup in springtime. In Johannesburg, lush grass is essential before the arrival of spring. The leftovers from the previous year are still there, no matter how diligently you clean. 
  3. Pay attention to the repair of bare spots – It can be very distressing to see the damage done by snowbanks, shovelling or city ploughs. Use a bow rake to rake the affected area. After adding topsoil, apply grass seed to complement your lawn. The seed should be raked into the soil gently and watered as needed until it takes root. You should be cautious about fertilizing your grass. Pre-emergent weeds or crabgrass can be controlled to prevent new grass from emerging. 
  4. Get a jumpstart on your fertilizer routine. Keeping your lawn green and weed-free may be possible by maintaining a healthy fertilization schedule. Preemergent crabgrass suppressing fertilizer can be applied in spring.

These tips will help you make this season unforgettable.

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