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South African homeowners prefer to plant local plants as they require less care and maintenance. Although it is true that native trees are better suited to their environment, it is important not to plant them without doing some research. Each plant has its own set of needs and if they are not met, it could result in plants dying or withering.

It’s possible that you are eager to plant some of our most loved local greenery in your yard, but first, take a look at this list of top five myths about growing native trees.

Any soil will do

This misconception is the most common regarding where to plant native trees. The foundation of cultivating trees is good soil. Without it, everything else will be impossible. There are many types of soil. You should also consider the soil’s content and pH level. It is best to seek professional advice if you are not sure what type of soil your garden has in Parkmore.

All Local Trees are Evergreen

Many people love the ease of planting an evergreen sapling. After all, it provides shade year-round and eliminates the need to rake leaves. Many people mistakenly believe that “evergreen” or “indigenous are synonymous. Local trees may not all bear the same amount of leaves, flowers, or fruit, just because they are adapted to our climate.

They don’t need to be watered.

South Africa is facing water shortages. To save water, homeowners in dry areas should avoid exotic plants that are water-intensive. Although it is true that some alien plants require more water than others, it is incorrect to assume that native trees need less watering. Find out the amount of water needed to replant a local species. Keep in mind that they might need more water in the first year of their move to a new place.

Everywhere in the Country, Local Species Bloom

It can be a problem to plant the wrong type of tree in your  Rosebank garden, especially when the genus is from a biome that is very different from yours. In certain cases, the tree might not survive or become invasive. Find out which plants are best suited for your local microclimate. Then, make your choice based on expert advice and research.

Indigenous Trees Grow Very Slowly

Again, there are no two species the same. While some plants grow more slowly than others, many exotic plants can also grow faster. Many local species can grow quickly and can reach 1.5 metres per year.

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