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We can still look at the most popular trends in 2022. Your garden will be the focal point of the holiday festivities, so you want it to look great.

Let’s take you through the top gardening trends for the year.

Gardening trends for your landscape

  • Low Carbon Landscaping
    Many of us are trying to make the world better. A way to do this is to reduce our carbon footprint and be more environmentally conscious in all aspects of our lives. Low-carbon landscaping means going green. This includes growing your own herbs, vegetables, and making use of local resources such as plant mediums and additives. You can even plant your barbeque rosemary right in one of our Pot G pots.
  • Go Metal:
    Each year, we see new types of material added to the trends lists. 2022 seems like the year of all things metal, at least in garden landscaping. Metal can transform your garden with planters and water features. This can make it a conversation piece at a Sunday braai.
  • Water Features:
    South Africa is known for being warmer than the rest of the world, so a water feature, or birdbath, may be a nice touch for your feathered friends. Water in your garden will make you feel like you are walking through an oasis, regardless of whether it is a tranquil pond/fountain.
  • Save Water:
    Many trends are centred on water conservation and green living. You can do this by purchasing drought-resistant plants or plants that require very little water. You can use our Plant Selection tool to determine which plants fall within this category. You can choose “Low” from the “water” category to see a list of plants that consume low amounts of water, such as Ripple Jade and Wild Olive.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:
    There has been a rise in eco-conscious trends since 2022. It makes sense that recycled materials are favoured. There are many options, from pavements made out of old bricks to borders made of recycled timber. Recycled materials are a common choice for DIY projects. YouTube is a great resource if you are unsure of your imagination.
  • Artificial is The New Real:
    Artificial grass is not only cost-effective but also easy to maintain. Artificial grass is also low-maintenance, which means you won’t be under any extra stress during the holiday season. You could also use groundcovers instead of grass if you aren’t a fan of this trend.

Call your landscape design experts to add your new landscape design trend for your next project in Johannesburg.

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