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South Africa is home to the sun, which you’ll be familiar with as a resident. With our long and warm summers, your garden gets plenty of sun. You can also find shaded gardens due to the layout of your garden, netting, or well-placed trees.

Most gardens have a fair amount of both. This leaves garden owners in a quandary: What plants should I buy? We have a list of plants that can be grown in the shade or in the sun, so you can enjoy every inch of your garden.

The Best 4 Plants for Shade

These are some great ideas if you want to add greenery to your shaded areas.

  1. Foxglove – This plant can add colour to any space. It is easy to grow in shade (and even sun), so there’s no need for you to worry about it getting damaged by the sun’s rays. We highly recommend Creeping Foxglove for hanging baskets. Their pretty white flowers are eye-catching and perfect.
  2. Agapantha: The Agapantha flower is a hardy and popular choice. It is easy to grow and adds a subtle ocean of purple or white to any garden bed. They can be planted in flowerbeds, next to sidewalks, and are very popular. You can also plant the African Lily if you want it to remain native.
  3. Orange Clivia. Keep your garden looking bright with the Orange Clivia. This is a great plant for mass planting beneath trees. This perennial flower blossoms in early spring.
  4. Fern: Ferns are a great choice to cover shaded areas. They are best placed under your trees or near your water feature. One example of this would be the magnificent Norfolk Tree Fern
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4 Best Sunflowers

These tips will help you make the most of the sunshine without worrying about damaging your flora.

  1. Lavender: A fan favourite that not only adds soft colour to your space but also makes it smell amazing. These plants are also great for small gardens. You can pick the Lavender bush but you also have the option to choose one of our stunning Lavender trees.
  2. Hibiscus is another shrub that will bring you a rainbow of flowers to your little corner of heaven. They can be used in containers and are extremely hardy.
  3. Agave: It’s hard to forget about a succulent! Because they are water-wise, these plants can thrive in sunlight. We stock Twin Flower, Caribbean and Caribbean Agave so that you can improve your rockery gardens.
  4. Aloe: A plant almost synonymous with the sun, this aloe has a beautiful appearance. Bitter Aloe can be a wonderful addition to your garden to attract birds.

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