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Landscape design is more than just beautifying your garden. Many homeowners prefer to use a landscaper’s services. But, landscape design is necessary to help your garden flourish. A lot of homeowners waste thousands of rands trying to solve problems in their yards when a landscaper can do it much quicker and for a fraction of the cost. Let’s look at common signs that your garden needs some landscaping attention.

Unhealthy soil

Your yard’s soil will be its only lifeline. Many homeowners don’t realize that there are different types of soil. These types can be very different in terms of texture, moisture retention, acidity, and other factors. Your garden may not look full and lush if your plants and soil do not get along. Too much clay or sand in soil can also cause problems.

Poor Tree Placement

Trees can be spectacular. Both animals and humans benefit from trees. Trees can also be a problem if they grow into residential foundations and start to lift pavings. You may be at your wit’s end about where trees are to go in your garden. A landscaping artist can offer valuable advice.

Weeds, Weeds, And More Weeds

Common complaints from homeowners include weeds that are too strong for their lawn and obstructing the view of their yard. If you’re having difficulty dealing with a persistent problem with weeds, a professional can save you from the mistake of applying toxic herbicides in your yard.

An Uneven Lawn

Some grass patches don’t seem to grow no matter how much you try. Unsightly sunlight, pests and lawn diseases are all common causes. A professional landscape artist will diagnose the problem and help you take corrective action before it gets worse.

Inadequate Water Supply

A few rainy days in a row could quickly reveal that your yard isn’t draining properly. The roots of your plants will eventually rot and die if they do not get enough air. Some gardens can have tricky drainage issues, so it is a good idea to get a professional opinion.

Plant Diseases and Pests

Plant-eating pests and diseases (such as grubs, slugs, and fungi), can cause serious damage to your plants if they are allowed to thrive. Although pesticides or fungicides may not always work, they can pose a danger to some plant life, animals and even people.

Hotchpotch Gardens

Sometimes gardens are poorly planned and include mismatched shrubs, flowers and groundcovers. These gardens can be chaotic and messy and may have problems like plants that steal water, nutrients, or light from others. Hiring a landscaping company is a great way to create an overall theme that extends your home.

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