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It seems easy enough to water your yard properly. It’s as easy as that. Right? Yes, but it’s a big no.

It is important to water your lawn correctly in order to maintain a healthy lawn. You could end up with the same results if you water it too often.

Overwatering can result in a weaker or less resilient lawn, which is more susceptible to drought and drying out. To maintain the proper amount of growth and strength, lawns require about 2.5cm of water per week. This usually means that they need to be watered at least twice a week. We’ll start with the hardware store.

The hardware store is my favourite. There’s always so much to see, but keep your eyes on the prize. There is a reason you are here. If you don’t know what to do with your lawn and garden, it can become a vortex.

Sprinklers can spin, shoot, rotate and move by themselves (seriously). You need to consider the size and extent of your lawn. A sprinkler should provide good coverage and be easy to use.

  • Rotating sprinklers work well in medium-sized to large yards, as you can control the length and rotation.
  • You can install fixed sprinklers in smaller yards that don’t spin or rotate, but it will need to be moved frequently.
  • You might consider buying a good spray nozzle with multiple settings. Then, hand water the grass.
  • Make sure you get a hose that is not kinked and long enough to reach all areas in your yard.
  • To ensure that you get the correct coverage, place a bucket in your watering path. If you collect about half 2cm within 20-30 minutes, you will know you have the sprinkler.Do not be afraid to ask professionals such as us for your landscaping and irrigation needs in Westcliff.

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