Landscaping in Johannesburg -Succulents gardens

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Succulent gardens

You can add succulents to your garden in many ways, including planting them in containers or hanging baskets. Succulents are very easy to grow and require minimal maintenance. You can find succulents in many sizes and colors. Some are great for adding color and texture to a garden, while others can be used to fill in corners on a balcony or patio.

There are many types of succulents

There are many varieties of succulents, and these are just a few. Although some names may be hard to pronounce, most are easy to remember and can be found by the eye.

Snake plant, Agave, Aloe yucca and prickly pear Cactus. Jade plant. Hens and Chicks. Echeveria. Haworthia.

Landscaping in Johannesburg -Jade Plant

Succulent designs for your garden

Consider the following when choosing plants for your garden:

  •  Soil – Succulents will thrive in the same soil as any other plants in a garden. You will need to give succulent plants lots of organic material, such as compost, if your soil is clay-rich or compacted. 
  •  Spacing –  The labels on individual plants will give you information about the spacing requirements for your succulent plants. However, as far as general spacing, you can scale any plan to fit your space and to accommodate different types of succulents. You can simply group the plants into an attractive arrangement so that you can see the succulent plants, and then plant them. 
  •  Water –  Succulents can be grown in your garden. They have attractive features such as evergreen foliage, brightly colored blooms, thick leaves, and often are shaped like heart shapes. Succulents require plenty of moisture, especially during their growing season. Succulent plants are most commonly affected by rot. This is usually caused by overwatering. 

What hours of sunshine do succulents require?

Succulents require at least 6 hours of sunshine per day to thrive. Bright light is essential for succulents to thrive in your garden. For the best succulents, they need to be in bright and sunny areas. They don’t like being in heavy shade or areas that receive too much sunlight. They don’t like being moved around as they may experience some trauma from being moved around. If the soil isn’t overwatered, plants that get enough sunlight will show their full spectrum of vibrant colors.

How to plan an outdoor succulent plant

When designing a succulent garden, you should consider the soil type, layout, moisture level, and type of succulents. Some succulents are more resilient to drought than others. Before you start a succulent garden, make sure to research the different shapes and sizes.

Cacti are succulents which are drought-resistant, easy to grow in the yard and are also very adaptable. Succulents are known for their thick, fleshy stems and leaves that can be decorated with colorful flowers or berries. Succulents can have spines but they are less stiff than cacti. Cacti can be grown indoors or outdoors in pots.

You will need to water your plants more often if you have more than one. Place a layer of small stones or pebbles in the middle of your area to prevent weeds. This will prevent soil from becoming compacted.

Landscaping in Johannesburg -Succulents gardens

Tips for a successful landscaping project

Less than is more –Less can be more when designing landscapes with succulents. Make sure to choose the right plants and remember the desert theme when designing your succulent garden.

It is possible to start with large and durable specimens. These succulent plants can become quite large over time. They can be planted in large areas that have lots of gravel so they can be used for rock gardens.

Repetition You can arrange your succulents in a pleasing setting by using several kinds of plants and repeating their names in a few places.

Soft landscaping with succulents

Succulents can have fleshy stems, leaves or roots. All plants with fleshy stems, leaves or roots in a garden are succulents. There are sixty plant families that contain different types of succulents. Succulents are a great way to give your rock garden a more natural look. They can also be grown in dry climates.

Are you a succulent watering expert?

There are many types of succulents. It is important to remember that there are factors that can influence how succulents stay hydrated. These are some factors that could influence how succulents should be watered.

  •  Season –Succulents need to be watered at least three times per week during active growing season. However, they become dormant in winter. In winter, they will need to be watered only once or twice. Allow them to sleep in their pots. Your succulents should be watered in winter. However, they shouldn’t be left in water for too much time as this could cause them to die. Your succulents should be allowed to rest during winter in order to grow well. 
  •  The amount of light a plant gets How much sunlight it gets will determine how much water they need. Plants that receive 10 hours or more of sun per day will require more water than those that receive less sunlight. Because they are subject to harsher conditions, indoor plants will require more water than outdoor plants. 

To keep succulents alive, they must be watered in a specific manner. You should soak them in a deep, rich liquid that reaches the bottom of their pot. This will keep your succulents alive.

To conclude:

It is important to choose plants that require little attention and are easy to care for. Because they don’t require much attention, succulents are great for this. They also grow quickly and can be forgiven if they make mistakes.


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