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Summer is great! Summer is a wonderful time to be at the beach. Your lawn can be damaged by the heat of summer.

These are some tips to keep your lawn cool in the summer heat.

Determine the soil type of your property. Is it sandy or clay-based? This will help you determine the amount of water you need. A clay-based soil will require less water than sandy soil, as the clay retains water more over time.

Clay-based soils require that water be applied slowly and over a period of time to ensure soil absorbs the water. Overwatering the soil can cause water to pool or run off, which could lead to water vaporizing rather than being absorbed. After the water has been absorbed into the soil it is no longer necessary to water the plants for several days.

Sandy soils: Water should only be applied at short intervals. This will allow water to reach the root zone. Overwatering can cause water to get beyond the root zone, making it unusable for the plant and potentially causing soil loss.

Water in the morning – Try to water in the early morning.

Overwatering during the day can lead to excess evaporation and inefficient water usage. Overwatering during the night can cause excessive moisture and encourage fungus growth. Your sprinklers should be turned off by 7 a.m.


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