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This is a great opportunity to create a new living space around your pool. A place where you can entertain, relax and enjoy quality time with family and friends.

An outdoor bar area can be a good place to start when designing your outdoor space. A bar area may need a sink, fridge and braai.

Beautiful pool decking design

What are the benefits of decking in your garden’s landscape?

A deck can be a wonderful addition to your garden and home. A deck will enhance the value, appearance, and beauty of your outdoor space.

You might be hesitant about installing a pool deck in your backyard. Here are some benefits of decking around your pool. These are the main benefits to having decking around your pool and garden:

  • Affordable Composite decking is a great way to stretch your budget as it’s low-maintenance and lasts longer than woof.
  • Comfortable – Add composite decking to your patio, next to the pool, or to the backyard for some relaxation or to enjoy the sunset from a comfortable seat.
  • Functional –Decking can also be used in small gardens. You can move around more easily than stepping on gravel.
  • Stylish Adding composite decking to your outdoor area will give it a modern, clean look.
  • Waterproof You don’t need to worry about your decking during rainy season in Johannesburg
  • Impress your guests – Your new decking creates an outdoor relaxing experience.
  • Decking provides additional safety and privacy. This is more than just for the aesthetics, but also to keep loved ones safe.

Your decking will give your home an immediate boost in value. It makes your home more attractive and gives you an “enjoyer” when it comes time to sell.

What is composite decking?

Materials that are more expensive than wood promise greater durability and lower maintenance. Wood decking is still the most popular, but it won’t last forever. It may also lack the natural look or color you desire.

It is important to invest in high-quality decking. This will not only last a long time but also require very little maintenance.

Outdoor entertainment area with modern decking

What decking options are available for Johannesburg garden?

  • You can use the garden to replace your lawn with composite decking, and make the most of your time.
  • It could be used to create a unique home and add character to your Johannesburg gardens
  • Expand your entertainment area – South Africa is a country where we all agree that it’s not just about the garden but also about the braais.
  • Composite decking can be added around your pool or patio to increase safety.
  • Jacuzzi- Decking can be a great addition to the area surrounding a jacuzzi in winter.
  • Outdoor firepit – This is a cozy way to have a winter braai. The deck can be used as a place for guests to sit outside and make them feel warm and comfortable.
  • Greenery – Be a crazy plant lady to fill your decking with plants and other greenery for a stunning view while you enjoy your morning coffee.

Is it possible to put a gazebo onto a composite deck?

Yes! Yes! This is a great way to make a strong base for a Johannesburg garden. Make sure you choose the right pots for your deck to make them more stable. Place bricks around the leg and then cover the pot with soil or compost.

What are the different characteristics of composite decking materials?

There are many types of decking, including solid and recycled plastics, as well as composite decks that combine plastic with wood or bamboo fibers. It all depends upon factors like the shape of the pool and the length of the deck.

Relaxing area around the pool with elegant decking

How can I stop my composite deck scratching?

Furniture pads are a great way of protecting hardwood decks and furniture from scratches. Peel-and-stick protectors can provide a lot of protection. You have many options for furniture pads and materials to protect your deck against scratches and marks.

What should you place under decking?

Stone is superior to sand, soil and mulch. Crushed stone is better than sand, soil, and mulch if you plan to use gravel underneath a deck. It is more attractive than mud and weeds and prevents erosion.

It is best to leave decking in Johannesburg to professionals who have a lot of experience, whether it’s for your pool, entertainment area, or just to make the patio look more inviting.

Let’s conclude.

These decking ideas can be combined with outdoor entertainment to create a wonderful way to entertain family and friends. Show your garden or patio to your guests. It will be a hit with them!

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