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Rainwater Harvesting Techniques are Pure Common Sense

Future generations will be shocked that so many of the natural good practices we have been using for so long were ignored by so many people, even though they knew the planet was in dire need. Although rainwater harvesting techniques are well-refined over the past few years, many people still let this precious resource trickle down their drive.

Not only does it provide almost free energy or resources but it also connects humanity to the touchstones of our journey – the forces that influence our behaviours and habitats. It is true that, particularly in Johannesburg, rainwater harvesting techniques are still a motivating force. However, the pure savings of a lower water bill is a major incentive. South Africa‘s dry and wet seasons can lead to water restrictions. In Gauteng, these restrictions are more often milder, with an unexpected increase in the price of piped water.

Who doesn’t like something for free?

Rainwater harvesting is becoming more popular as people are more aware of its potential. This means that more rainwater is being used to replenish the garden’s storage tanks. These tanks are usually used for watering the garden and the ablution pipes in the house. We can all make a difference by using water more wisely, saving water, or returning grey water to the earth.

Rainwater harvesting can bring you many good feelings. It feels good to use water from the sky to irrigate your gardens. This is also more socially acceptable. Although there have been near misses in Gauteng we mostly watch from afar, as Cape Town struggles to meet its water needs. This is a troubling sight regardless of where it happens in South Africa. It should be a warning sign that we shouldn’t waste our abundant summer rains.

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Rainwater Harvesting is Easy and Smart

It doesn’t matter that only a few components are required for a successful rainwater harvesting system, the professionals can help you get it right. Professional installers have seen it all, are familiar with the possible pitfalls, and most importantly, know how to collect the maximum rainwater, clean it, and then distribute it as desired.

Poorly installed rainwater harvesting systems can lead to sub-optimal results. Professional installers will do it right the first time. You will get water on tap for the price of the installation. This will usually pay for itself within a year, depending on the current Gauteng water prices. It will be a long period of pure profit before any repairs or maintenance are required. Rainwater harvesting methods were developed to make it easy for everyone to save rainwater.


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