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If winter has ended and you can see the state of your landscaping and grass, it is possible that you should do a spring cleaning. Spring cleaning means removing any leaves, branches and sticks from your yard or flower beds. Spring cleanups include pruning and trimming shrubs as well as weeding existing flower beds.


These five easy steps will prove very useful if you’re thinking of a DIY spring clean-up.


1st step: Prepare the following items:

  • Leaf rake
  • Small garden rake
  • Bags that can be recycled
  • Shears for pruning and trimming
  • Hand tiller
  • Gloves and safety glasses


2nd step: You can do some raking

Spring cleaning does not include sweeping. Take away any trash, rubbish, or other items that are on your property. The little garden mower can be used to reach small spaces around shrubs and plants. For more information, check out our Contact page.


3rd Step: Execute trimming & pruning

Your plants may have dead branches and/or growth. This will vary depending on the variety. Dead stuff can be removed from plants so they have more room to grow and thrive.

Step 4: Use soil loosening in flower gardens

The snow may cause the soil in your flowerbeds to become compressed. Removing unwanted vegetation and weeds can give your plants some breathing space. You can then gently loosen it with a small hand-held tiller or shovel.

Fifth Step: Finish the task by installing mulch

Mulch is preferable to rocks or any other infill. Mulch is much easier to maintain and has a greater ability to limit weed growth. It is important to weed your flowerbeds regularly and apply pre-emergent herbicide weed control. Make sure you only buy the best weed control for your plants.


Mulch should be installed in direct contact with soil. For weed control, mulch should not exceed 3 inches in depth. The old mulch will eventually be incorporated into the soil. Therefore, you should apply 1-2 inches each year. This mulch is 100% organic and beneficial to the soil. Mulch will decompose on top of any weed barriers. This creates the perfect environment to grow weeds.

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